Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.  My name is Mark and I write about Mathematics education.

Pictured above is my family.  My wife and I have 3 children: Benjamin (9), Alyssa (7), and Gregory (5).

Professionally, I have been teaching for 16 years for the DSB of Niagara.  As a classroom teacher I have taught grades 5-8 (math on rotary during my Intermediate teaching years).  I have been part of many board, school and beyond initiatives with regards to Mathematics and have taken many courses myself in this area.  My current position is an Instructional Coach which I absolutely love.  I get to work with so many fabulous teachers from K-8 in my schools.  I also have the opportunity to conduct professional development for teachers throughout my schools and board in mathematics.  However, I have really come to appreciate the power of collaboration (co-planning, co-teaching and co-debriefing) as the best way to deepen our understanding of how learning happens.

In the past few years I have had the privilege to work as an Additional Qualifications instructor.  I have worked with Brock University to implement and instruct P/J math AQs and have worked with ETFO as the 7/8 AQ instructor for several years now.

I intend on using this blog as a place to share my thoughts, or maybe to write down my experiences, or possibly as an opportunity to reflect…  To be honest, I’m not exactly sure.  Whatever comes of this, I am sure it will be a good learning experience!

You are encouraged to respond to any of the posts I have written, and to share with others.

Looking forward to learning with you,



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mark,
    I was wondering about a quote I keep hearing from your OAME session.
    It is about the frequency of expectations around use of concrete materials and grade level.
    My twitter handle is @goslink123, DM me or email if you have access to my email from here.


    1. Most places that sell math manipulative will have different kinds of dice. Deco-blocks are the blocks you are referring to. That should be available through amazon or any educational warehouse that sells manipulatives.


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